Doc2Dock "SOS"

This video is an SOS. It was first sent by DOC2DOCK, a non-profit organization that saves usable medical supplies from being discarded in the U.S. and sends them to hospitals in the developing world. Now, you can send the SOS further.

Spread this SOS. Save Our Supplies.

*Shortlisted in two categories for the 2011 AICP Show

Video about the design process.


Production Company: Shilo
Directors: Cassidy Gearhart and Julian King
Box Art Direction and Design: Michael Cina
Executive Producer: Tracy Chandler
Producer: Jeremy Yaches
Director of Photography: Tristan Sheridan
Production Designer: Jeff Everett
Art Director: Keith Evans
AD: Matthew Vose Campbelll
Editors: Julian King & Cassidy Gearhart
Color Correction: Julian King
Location Scout: Steve Grivno
Production Supervisor: Christina D. King

Advertising Agency: Modernista
Executive Creative Director: Gary Koepke
Creative Director: Will Uronis
Creative Director: Davi Liu
Copywriter: Lorelei Bandrovschi
Director of Production: Liz Shook

Music: Zoe Keating "Optimist"
Sound Design/Mix: Mike Secher, Soundtrack
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Doc2Dock "SOS"
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